Leading Ladies – May 13-22, 2022

Show Synopsis: Set in the late 1950s, two down-on-their luck English Shakespearean actors are reduced to performing the Moose Lodge circuit in the Pennsylvania Amish country when they hear that an old lady in York, PA is searching for her long-lost English nephews so they can share in her fortune when she kicks the bucket. They decide to pass themselves off as the relatives, but on arriving in York they learn that the nephews Max and Steve are actually the nieces Maxine and Stephanie. Only slightly daunted, they press on, posing as the women. Needless to say, complications ensue, especially when each of the actors is smitten by a different local lass. It’s a fast paced, energetic comedy that will need actors/actresses wholly committed to the zany activities! 

Cast List:

Meg: Hannah Brown

Duncan: Todd Weeks

Leo: Jonathan Daniels

Jack: Clay Boney

Audrey: E’Vanna Hall

Butch: Seth Wise

Doc: Rodney Hall

Florence: Kathy Day