Sampson Community Theatre announces auditions for the eight-time Tony Award winning musical, BIG RIVER: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. They will be held Saturday, August 1 at 10 am at the Sampson Community Theatre.  ALL ROLES OPEN. SHOW DATES ARE SEPTEMBER 25-27 AND OCTOBER 2-4.

 Seeking, strong singing/actors to fill the following roles:  the ages are guidelines but they may not follow depending on who auditions.

HUCK: lead; male, able to play 16-20 years old; baritone; exceptionally

strong singer/actor

JIM: lead; African-American male, able to play between 30-45; baritone;

          exceptionally strong singer/actor

TOM: principal; male, able to play 16-20 years old; tenor; strong actor

PAP: principal; male; 40-60; baritone

KING: principal; baritone; strong “character” role

DUKE: principal; tenor; strong “character” role

ALICE: supporting; African-American female; 30-50; strong gospel-sound

mezzo; will double other parts

ALICE’S DAUGHTER: supporting; African-American female; age 13-20;

strong gospel-sound mezzo; will double other parts

SLAVES: supporting; African-American; male and female; 8-80; strong

gospel-sound, vital for two of the most important and beautiful songs in the show; number to be determined

YOUNG FOOL: possible multicultural role; 15-20; tenor cameo; will double

          as one of Tom’s “boys”

MARY JANE: 13-18; must look and act young; mezzo cameo; may double

JUDGE: white male; 45-70; spoken cameo, except for eight bars in opening

song; will double

WIDOW DOUGLAS: white female; 45-70; cameo; mezzo; will double

MISS WATSON: white female; 40-60; cameo; soprano; will double

THE BOYS: white males; 8-18; great choral singers with great energy, able to

handle choreographed movement

MARK TWAIN: Must look like Twain; non-singing role; “presence”

throughout show; may double as Doctor in Act II

CHORUS of townspeople, mourners, tarts and more; great choral singers

          able to handle light choreography and movement; seen throughout



BIG RIVER is the musical adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic American novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, with words and music by Roger Miller and book by William Hauptman.

The show will be directed by Dan Holland.

You are invited to come be a part of this amazing piece of musical Americana. Come be a part of Big River…